Future Exhibitions

  Yves was born in Nice and lived in Paris until the age of five. He then moved to Ibiza, Spain in the Baleares Islands. In Ibiza, he was strongly influenced by the environment of the islands, where he spent the majority of his time surrounded by nature. At the age of twelve, he returned […]

Jon DePew : Coral Castle Code

My name is Jon De’Pew and after a long journey of searching and resisting the urge to give up numerous times, I have discovered a visual code or better said A MATHEMATICAL FORMULA” and I would like to share it with everyone.It is the “MATHEMATICAL FORMULA FOR CREATION ” Given as a” VISUAL FORMULA ” ALL OF THE MATH of SACRED GEOMETRY and ENERGY IS WITHIN THIS SINGLE VISUAL FORMULA.. Ed Leedskalnin the builder of Coral Castle , a muti-ton coral/stone complex located in Homestead Florida has left a subtle visual design on his book “MAGNETIC CURRENT”before he died (Copyright1945 version). I have discovered that this tiny clue that Ed Leedskalnin and our ancient ancestors left for us will unravel into the answers of our Universe’s greatest mysteries. Ed Leedskalnin and our ancient ancestors left behind the blueprints of nature, a Secret Knowledge of the Ancients. It is the base for all atomic structures in creation.

Andrew R Stec

58 Oxford Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Born in Krakow Poland. My mother, a Baroness. My father, a Roman Catholic priest. Both were persecuted by the communists and we were eventually allowed to emigrate to the United States. Had seventh birthday in middle of Atlantic Ocean during a 100 Year Storm. Settled in Scranton, Pennsylvania, an old mining town. . As I grew up, many tests and obstacles seemed to point to one fact. I could not fit in. I seemed to see things from another perspective. I was one of those children that always asked Why?. Drove my parents to distraction. There always seemed to be secrets in my family to which I was not privy. This made me into a detective of falsehood. My observational skills became acute. I always sensed that things just weren’t as they were portrayed. There was more to this story than I was being told. I then folded into my own world and began to investigate this reality. I graduated from University of Scranton with a B.A. in English Literature and a Minor in British History. I also read and extensively researched Nazi Germany, trying to figure out how a small group of perverts could control a nation of 34 million. As time passed, I witnessed eight different UFO sightings. I read Erich von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods and understood that there were very advanced civilizations in our past. And these existed hundreds of thousands of years ago. Evidence was conclusive. This led me to Bill Cooper’s Behold A Pale Horse. I read it in two days. Everything finally made sense. Things were happening that I needed to know about. Zecharia Sitchin’s The Earth Chronicles further boosted my confidence.

Julu Wajaar (One Earth) by Chris Wirriimbi Edwards

Chris (Wirriimbi) Edwards is a descendant of the Gumbaynggir people from Nambucca Heads in northern NSW. His work is inspired by the landscape of Nambucca Heads where he grew up. Chris has developed a unique style of painting where he mixes sand from a sacred beach in Nambucca Heads with modern materials like acrylic paint to tell his stories. Through his work the Gumbaynggir stories will stay in trenched in the community for generations to come.

The Indigenous Rug Collection Julu Wajaar (One Earth) a collection of four designs on 100% hand tufted wool rugs with The Rugs Collection.


Augmented Sculpture by Lichtfront

In January 2010 the Cologne based design agencies Grosse8 and Lichtfront presented their cross-media installation “Augmented Sculpture” for the first time to a public audience.

The core of the installation is a 2,5m tall wooden sculpture that builds the screen for a 360° projection with virtual content. The projection constantly augments the sculptures outside within a 2:32 min. long, dramaturgically structured edit of video content to a track by musician Jon Hopkins.

The sculpture becomes a mirror of changing realities. As a result, a kind of real virtuality arises to confront virtual reality.