Born in Krakow Poland. My mother, a Baroness. My father, a Roman Catholic priest. Both were persecuted by the communists and we were eventually allowed to emigrate to the United States. Had seventh birthday in middle of Atlantic Ocean during a 100 Year Storm. Settled in Scranton, Pennsylvania, an old mining town. . As I grew up, many tests and obstacles seemed to point to one fact. I could not fit in. I seemed to see things from another perspective. I was one of those children that always asked Why?. Drove my parents to distraction. There always seemed to be secrets in my family to which I was not privy. This made me into a detective of falsehood. My observational skills became acute. I always sensed that things just weren’t as they were portrayed. There was more to this story than I was being told. I then folded into my own world and began to investigate this reality. I graduated from University of Scranton with a B.A. in English Literature and a Minor in British History. I also read and extensively researched Nazi Germany, trying to figure out how a small group of perverts could control a nation of 34 million. As time passed, I witnessed eight different UFO sightings. I read Erich von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods and understood that there were very advanced civilizations in our past. And these existed hundreds of thousands of years ago. Evidence was conclusive. This led me to Bill Cooper’s Behold A Pale Horse. I read it in two days. Everything finally made sense. Things were happening that I needed to know about. Zecharia Sitchin’s The Earth Chronicles further boosted my confidence.

I then began to read about the Moon and Mars.

Richard Hoagland’s Dark Mission The Secret History of NASA revealed the extent of the lies and cover story behind the Space Program. John Lear’s website – and Richard Hoagland’s were great resources and opened my eyes further. I then discovered and the Tether Incident was the trigger that set me off.

I wanted to investigate the Cydonia region on Mars and the pyramids there so I typed Mars into the Google search engine and up popped the HIRISE website

Looking at the thumbnails, I noticed something that looked like a pyramid – – so I downloaded the RGB color map into my pictures on computer, and started zooming in from the top.
That is when I discovered The Quarry …7 huge machines working! I fell off my chair!

My father was an avid photographer and I inherited that passion. I had a very good Canon digital camera and a top of the line Sony computer system with excellent monitor. I started to reverse engineer the NASA images using my understanding of their methods in de-layering and washing out evidence from Lear’s and Hoagland’s books/websites.

For the next year and half, I processed and catalogued hundreds of HIRISE Mars map strips. I found thousands of machines, structures, ships and have photographic evidence of all I processed so far.

I tried to tell people about this.

I got in touch with Jose Escamilla and he agreed to help me but I had to invest in his project first, Moon Rising-The Movie. Then we were supposed to make a movie about Mars. Moon Rising premiered January 22, 2008 at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre in North Hollywood, California. It is a monumental achievement. The Moon in color!

In an effort to educate the masses about this incredible reality, I put much of my material on and learned how to make my own videos…some are in my videos folder on
There is life all around us and most importantly, we are a major part of the process. It is up to each and every one of us to understand this and start participating as individuals, not a herd of programmed slaves existing to serve non-existent gods. It is up to us.

I think we already have had disclosure. It is just that the majority of Humanity has not realized it yet. The ones responsible and in true power have allowed the information to exist but have not promoted it. If you investigate all the websites and the videos on relating to UFO’s, it is all there. So, it is a “known secret”. As the “Brookings Report” proved in the test run of Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds radio broadcast, the majority of humanity could not handle the truth and prefer to go along with what they are told. The facts are indisputable. The evidence is all there. Evidence of physical existence of other species of beings and evidence that our generation has been spoon fed a huge load of lies. Most accept this because it is ‘safe’. As long as there is profit in deluding the majority of “average” humans, there will be no voluntary disclosure. Not in their interest.

Unless we raise our voices and claim this planet and it’s resources as ours, to be shared by all, equally, and trade conducted based on the premise of Fair Trade (where both sides benefit , not profit and loss ), they will milk it for all it is worth.

If you look outside your self for the answers, you give your power away. When you include yourself in a ‘herd’ and look to a ‘savior’, you are being led to the slaughterhouse. There are many levels to the Game, each is a part of the whole picture and necessary in order for those no longer in the Game to learn from. Each of us has our own world, a self contained unit with a purpose. Each of has the choice to act in whatever way we choose. Those actions create worlds that we, each of us must deal with, learn from. So when you give your choice away and follow teachings that lead one about by the nose, follow a leader, be prepared to eventually realize that you do not need a leader or messiah or savior. This game is all yours. Belongs to you. Up to you to learn from. This reality is based on polarity. Good/bad, black/white, peace/war, male, female. It is the ‘way of the world”. It is up to each and every player to find balance through experiencing both sides without getting stuck in either extreme. There are no aliens per se. We are all “aliens”, all players in the Game. We are all bound by one purpose. Discovery of Self through Balance. Life is all around us. Everywhere. It is just a matter of understanding. There is always more. To experience, learn from, understand, gain wisdom, and start all over again…

Do not, whatever you do, when beckoned by angelic ‘beings’ bathed in a luminous glow enter the tunnel. It is a trap. The journey is all yours. The decisions you make/take will create new worlds which you will have to deal with/learn from. You are your own Messiah. Take back your power. There is always more!