25th of May @ The Enchanted Tree House


What if…? Two words that can change your life.

In Humility, Service and Recognition that the I in me is the I in you.

Recently I’d been down in the dumps. A certain life event had gotten the better of me and had repeatedly brought me to my knees, until I hit rock bottom and out of the depth of my despair I realized, that in my unceasing effort to ease my pain I was in fact “exercising my demons rather than exorcising them!” I giggled at this insight (in spite of myself) and there, in that brief interval-respite arose in my mind, like two mercury bubbles rising out of the deep, two incongruous words that posed themselves in the form of a question: What if…!

“What if…What if… What if…” I kept repeating unsuspecting, that this question would go on to soon shatter many illusions about myself, about life and what is possible.

But what if WHAT?

Unlike other words these two didn’t just scream into my mind make their assault and get away. They hung around. They weren’t imposing or threatening either and even seemed friendly, which is what drew my attention to them in my confused state in the first place. Then, feeling compelled to complete the question, I asked “What if I was suddenly free of my pain?” At once I felt my body release, and with that I realized that I had stumbled on a means of helping myself out of (or through, whichever, I didn’t care) this gut-wrenching pain, even if only momentarily:)

But it isn’t as I might have imagined. In enquiring into the nature of this pain, specifically if it was a necessary part of my experience, the following answer came to me:

“The ego is the cocoon of self, constructed out of the conditions and conditioning of your past. It is inevitable that you would sooner or later be required to outgrow it. This may or may not be a painful process.”

Every aspiring Self must outgrow the cocoon of its past acquired by inheritance.

“What if my life suddenly made a complete turn-around? What if I made a complete turn-around? What if everything in my life (in spite of myself) suddenly started to go my way?” Oh, God! Could this actually be true? “What if it was true? And what if I was suddenly fulfilled and happy? And What if I was self satisfied and no longer cared or wanted for anything? And What if I was suddenly daring and courageous? And What if I stopeed whining and complaining? (I do whine a bit-:) And What if angels suddenly started to talk to me and guides presented to me? And what if they always have but I never listened because of my linear brained preoccupation with absence and lack? And What if the ocean and the birds and the trees and the stars started to commune with me?”

Initially one might encounter strong resistance (depending on how restrictive your cocoon is) in putting this question to work. Some people are wont to even try, it’s childish they say, and whose got time such silly visualisation stuff? It’s not visualisation I point out, still they’re dubious…

We’re making propositions to the self, prompting it to extend itself to envision alternate realities (possibilities). If I can feel like this, what’s to say I can’t feel like that this very instant? Not only in theory but in principle. For nothing in the universe exists as a stand-alone without its opposite at any given time. Only the All is capable of such a feat, the one reality we call God. All things – events, impressions, expressions, feelings, thoughts, movements, processes, biological or otherwise, everything – must have their polarity on some level somewhere, else they would contrast the stand-alone reality of the All. Even the thought I’m here contain its I’m not here polarity as part of intrinsic reality (or I’m there, or I’m everywhere).

One makes a hypothetical suggestion to the aspiring self and leaves it to work, coaxing it to wake in time to dare and venture beyond its present, increasingly restrictive, linear left brain, cocoon (the past). It’s a question that can compel this fledgling Self to flap its wings perhaps for the first time by activating its vertical right brain and envisioning alternative realities that exist as permeate potentials in parallel universes not yet acknowledged.

“You have to believe, how else can the unreal become?”

Alright, quite a mouthful of an invite, just to say Hey, why dont you Join us at the enchanted Tree House on the 25th of May for an open discussion on this subject around a roaring fire WITH LIKEMINDED friends?


This, the 2nd talk in a series of on going open discussions on the subject of Consciousness Expansion – Exploring the various fields of Transcending the Limits of linear identity – the inherited self, these include classical Meditation, Self Enquiry, Soul Astrology, The Work of Byron Katie and Rebirthing Breath-work

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And please bring a salad or something to eat around the sacred FIRE.