We’re pleased to announce that our interactive light sculpture CHROMATIC MOTIONS will be part of VIVID LIGHT 2013 and will be located at East Circular Quay.

Since 2009, creative industry leaders and practitioners, artists, innovative and creative thinkers have transformed the city into a breathtaking canvas of innovation and inspiration. VIVID SYDNEY will take place over 18 days from 24 May – 10 June 2013.

VIVID LIGHT transforms Sydney into a magical wonderland of colourful lights and surprising adventures with interactive light sculptures, innovative installations and grand scale projections throughout Circular Quay, The Rocks, Walsh Bay and CBD precincts. It is an outdoor gallery of design excellence.

CHROMATIC MOTIONS is a virtual instrument that allows users to paint on a virtual canvas with their body. The installation analyses live-feed from users and converts shape and motion into colours. This is designed to work with any number of people and in the interaction is very simple – touch creates colour. An animated backdrop of snow is displayed to create contrast to the splashes of colour created when users interact with the installation.

While the installation is suitable for a single user, when multiple users are present a new dynamic emerges between people. A user-to-user interaction is born when the users start playing with each other, working collaboratively to create shared artwork.

The sensation one experiences and reacting in real-time to their own movements is what matters – similar to a musical instrument. While one often plays a piano to compose and record, it is quite common to just play and improvise without any concern for recording. Every note is just for the moment, a real-time reaction coming from within. Hence when you stop interacting, the colour fades away, leaving only the memory, like the song you’ve just played.

Hi-res images for press and media are available upon request.